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10 Key Messages - Arts v Loneliness

WellbeingPosted by Creative Stays Sun, June 18, 2017 01:48:00
1. Loneliness is a pressing issue among older people because of changes that occur in our older lives that puts us at risk of loneliness.

2. Over 1 million people over 65 are lonely.

3.Loneliness correlates strongly with other problems and is associated with poor physical and mental health.

4. Older people need a broad range of opportunities and activities to help tackle loneliness. These can include care and befriending support, but just as important are opportunities that connect them to their communities, such as faith, learning, fitness, leisure and cultural activities.

5. The arts are an effective way to tackle loneliness but can be overlooked by older people’s services.

6. There are many good examples of arts work with older people including those living with dementia and in care homes.

7. The arts exemplify the ‘five ways to wellbeing’: connect; be active; keep learning, take notice and give.

8. Feeling valued, creative expression, using skills and engaging with other older people all build friendships and enhance feelings of well being which strengthens resilience in tough times.

9. Commissioners and organisations serving older people should support the arts as part of a spectrum of activities to tackle loneliness and poor quality of life in older age.

10. Artists and arts organisations should be alive to the social dimension of their practice in working with older people.

Creative Stays are a supporter of Campaign to End Loneliness

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